How Many Golf Balls Have You Lost


Shouldn’t be that hard to hit a ball with a club around a nice peaceful golf course. Right! Think again. I took up golf seriously when I retired in 2015. I was shooting around 100 round and boy did I lose a lot of balls.  Most of the time you could count on my ball to go to the right and far right. If it didn’t go there it would find the water  and head for that. It’s almost like the ball was magnetized to go to those areas. For some reason I didn’t hit into the sand. Instead of counting my score, I would count how many balls I lost. I am very competitive and set high standards and expect a lot out of myself so it was time to buckle up. It looks easy on TV. During the round I would say to myself “shit… what am I doing wrong” and then the experiments start.

I guess I’m a bit stubborn and I like to figure things out by myself. So first of all I start to do some self diagnosis and video tape myself in the back yard taking some swings. Doesn’t look too bad to me until I start watching some more youtube. I make a few adjustments at the range and see a glimmer of hope for my game. Back to the course I go. The next day I thought maybe if I buy a good quality ball it would help. Mmmmm that didn’t work and it became more expensive. Decided to go back to the driving range and see if I could figure it out. Before that, I decided it was time to google and youtube again. Watched and read a ton. Wanted to make sure I was armed to the teeth with all the information I needed to improve my game.

Didn’t realize how many components of the game have to come together to make it happen. After a few weeks of hard work I’m feeling pretty good and it’s time to get back on the course and see the results. 

Well it was better but still not good enough. Why is it that at the range I feel like a star and on the course it’s the exact opposite. Now what? I decide it’s time for some lessons. I sign up for 6 lessons and I’m pretty pumped. 






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