Are You Happy

Happy homer simpsonHow many of you are happy? Have you ever sat down and actually tried to figure out why you’re not? I know I wasn’t as happy as I could be before I retired, things are a lot more clear to me now. Should of done what I’m about to tell you a long time ago.

One day I sat down and made a list of everything It didn’t matter how small or how big it was. I listed everything from brushing my teeth to taking out the garbage, going to work or sitting down to devour my Haagen_Dazs ice cream. Beside each item that made me happy I put a yes and beside each one that didn’t I put a no. From this list I took a look at all the no’s and asked the question, Do I have to do this? Well there’s certain things in life we have to do like take out the garbage brush your teeth so the sooner we come to realize it the easier it gets to do them. How about the items on your list that don’t make you happy but they may have become a routine. Those are the ones to cut out of your life and find something to replace it that does make you happy.

People at times look for complicated things to making them feel happy. Look at it with a more simplistic approach. A few little things can have a greater impact then making it so complicated and feeling you can’t do it. Sometimes it takes a life altering experience for us to appreciate all the good things in life. Don’t wait for that time.

Don’t get caught up in the the negative things around you. I found when I’m put in that situation I look for the positive out of the situation first and if there isn’t any I walk away. Try this one day and see what kind of a result you get. When you pass someone on the street try saying good morning or if you can’t at least give them a smile. You might be surprised and see that most people will do the same back. A little thing like that goes a long way to making you a much happier person.

When I used to visit my son in Arlington I would walk a couple of miles to Starbucks every morning. The majority of the walk was on residential streets. I would pass people on the street and I can honestly say that, everyone said good morning to me, even if they were across the street. I live in the Vancouver area and that doesn’t happen very often. You walk by someone and all of the sudden their neck muscles go limp and the head falls forward impeding them from being able to talk. Head down or head up you’re still going to get a good morning or hi from me.


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