How many times have you been asked by someone about an idea, an opinion or even how to approach a certain situation.

Whatdoyathink is intended to be an interactive site offering some experiences, answers, opinions, solutions and some laughs to the many things we do during our existence on this planet. Above all we hope that when you visit our site you will have a great experience and leave with a smile. There is a lot of variety to choose from. The site is constantly evolving as new content becomes available. 

Some of the things I’ve done so far I look back and laugh and say, why did you do that? Everyday we come across things that we do and we don’t understand why we are doing them or we just don’t know how to do them or we get impatient. The main thing is to sit back have a good laugh over yourself and see if you can do better the next time. There’s always something good you can take from every situation even if it’s just a smile.

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Have you ever seen a Jousting match in real life?

During our recent visit to our annual fair, we stopped in to watch one. Not knowing anything about jousting, I left wanting to see some more. Basically there are 3 rounds per encounter. The knights wear about 300 pounds of armor. Over top of their suit of armor is an extra piece that fits on one side of their chest and is the target they try and hit with their lance which is made out of wood. This sport may not be for everyone but seeing it in real life was something else.

Courtesy of TimeLapseHD


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